Farmer Campus

A Virtual Learning Network for Farmers: Connect Your Farm to the World

Farmer Campus is an online learning community offering you high quality, farmer-driven education through online courses, multimedia and networking. Join a network of farmers, educators and researchers who saw an urgent need to to bring the global agricultural community together in order to create a better world.

Why Join?

Share experiences, celebrate successes, and drive the conversation about sustainable agriculture strategies. From ecological and technical education to the political and social aspects of agriculture, be part of the next generation of agricultural education. By joining the Farmer Campus online network, you'll also gain access to our selection of courses.                                                                                     


Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience

A self-led course and network that combines online learning with on-farm activities dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers face a future of fire.

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Organic Seed Production Tutorial

Learn the basics of organic seed production.   This course is designed to accompany an on-farm internship.

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Climate Resilience via Agroecology

This course analyzes the challenges that farmers face when confronting climate change and explores the opportunities to develop adaptation and resilience strategies. Create and apply strategies to improve environmental conditions on your farm while helping build resilience and productivity within your management practices.        

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